Probate Leads for Agents and Real Estate Investors

Hot Probate Leads provides Agents, Brokers and Real Estate Investors the opportunity to penetrate one of the most lucrative niches in real estate; Probate Investing. Our exclusive list of national probate leads are holders of property in probate. Selling real estate in probate is one of the easiest ways to generate more income from increased listings. 80% of properties left to the family gets sold within 1 year. This highly motivated group that wants to off load the property as quickly as possible. The majority of people that inherit property almost always want to sell the property in the estate. You see, although probate investing is one of the easiest ways to purchase investment property, it’s also one of the hardest and most time consuming to find. As you can imagine, foreclosures and short sales are highly competitive. Everyone looking to buy a foreclosure can get the information off any of the 3 big web sites without having to use the MLS.

Unlike a typical house purchase where the house is empty, a probate property may be full of items. This leads the sellers with another challenge. What do they do with everything? There are 2 ways of dealing with items left behind. Donate everything and give the proceeds to a charity in the deceased’s name, or make a little extra on the purchase.

In addition, family members may not agree on the timing of selling a probate property. That’s why our firm researches the family members’ addresses for each probate lead as well. This gives our users the best possible odds of contacting the decision makers of the estate.

Marketing to your probate leads is the single most important aspect of running a real estate business. Real estate investors that “try” a few letters fail, and probate is no exception. There are homes that go through probate in 1 month; then again we’ve seen it take up to 11 years. The key is consistency. We help step you through a yearlong marketing plan. Every month you must contact everyone on the list. Marketing gurus say it takes 7 contacts before someone will call you back. Always be aware that the probate process is emotionally draining for the participants; they just lost a loved one. If you are looking for exclusive Probate Leads you’ve come to the right place.

Hot Probate Leads Real Estate Mentor Program

Get Real Estate Leads Today!

Get Real Estate Leads Today

Hot Probate Leads offers a Real Estate Mentor Program that walks our students through a step by step process and shorten the learning curve. Not only do our students learn who to market to, but how and when to market. Our marketing techniques are proven to get the best response rates. It’s easy to get caught up in all the hype at a seminar, only to get home and wonder “what do I do now?” We take the mystery out of the investing equation. We provide our Students with Probate Leads, not just marketing hype, and a step by step marketing plan. This allows investors the the ability to jump start their business in a short amount of time. We already have a list of Probate Leads waiting for you to explode your probate investing business right now. Most successful real estate investors started with a mentor. To interview for our Real Estate Mentor Program, contact us and lets get you started today!