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real estate lead generationReal estate lead generation is the foundation of any real estate business. Leads are critical to growing a business whether you are just starting out and are looking for the first few customers, or are a seasoned veteran working from referrals. Using the internet to capture leads is where the majority of people think they need to be; however, direct mail still has a place, and buying leads can jump start your business as well. So let’s take a look at a few ways to get clients and a few tips on how to convert our prospects to sales.

Online Lead Generation

There are 4 sources of online lead generation that work great, Google AdSense, emails, Google Places, and your own website.

Google AdSense:  You can pay to be at the top of Google! Now, before you open your wallet, there are a few things to consider. One is the keyword. You see there are a lot of terms to find buyers for example: Real Estate Lead Generation, if anyone wanted to appear at the top of the listing they would pay $11.92. That’s to say for every time someone clicked on the ad, you would spend $11.92 on average. That’s a hefty price tag when the industry average for conversions is 3%. That equates to 30 clicks or $330 for every lead. Now you look at how many leads you need to get a listing, or make a sale, and you can see it’s a pricey endeavor.

Emails: “Best business practices” tell us that we should stay in contact with our client base on a monthly basis. The best way to stay connected is to send an email. They are very cheap! However; getting the email is tough. There isn’t a day that goes by that you probably get 10 to 20 emails that you delete without opening. That being said, every time they get an email from you, they see your name. Unconsciously they feel like you are staying connected with them. In conversation with a friend that is looking to buy or sell a house, your name will come up, and even if they have deleted all your emails, they know you will be sending another shortly. Let’s face it; a referral is the goose that lays the golden egg.

Google Places: “Google places” is a web site offered by Google for local businesses. You enter your information and when someone in your area is looking up “realtor” your name pops up on the first page of Google. Now there are a few things you must do in order to “outrank” your competitors, and we don’t get into seo at this level, but here are a few tips. Upload pictures to the site. In addition, add a video. Even if you thank people that go to your web site, give them a quick 1-2 minute about me video.

Use zip codes. If there is a target area you want to work, pick the zip codes. Do not use the area locator.

Your web site: Make sure you use a good looking template for your web site. There are a lot of junk sites that look like junk. Offer something to get their email address. Remember, you are going to want it for email marketing. Give away a small prize or eBook.

Real Estate Lead Generation for Agents

Real Estate Lead Generation for Agents

Once you have all 4 web real estate lead generation avenues open, you wait for the phone to ring???? Not if you want to be a top agent or real estate investor. These are passive lead generation tools. There are 3 lead generation tools left: direct mail, networking, and buying leads. Direct mail is still being used to generate leads. Although the price of mailings keeps going up, direct mail is still a great way to “catch” a prospect at the right time. By catching I mean someone is looking to sell their house and your postcard has just appeared in their mailbox that day. Direct mail is all about the right time and the right place with respect to sales.

As real estate professionals, we are always looking for that magic potion; the one site or guru that will solve all of our sales issues. Sometimes we look for automation systems, so we can sit back and let the system do all the work. Unfortunately that system doesn’t work. Do you want to know the secret to successful real estate professionals? Hard work, and see the people. Real estate lead generation is all about interaction with other people, not computers. So stop staring at the screen and pick up the phone and set some appointments.


Terry Martine is a successful real estate investor. He has been investing and training other real estate investors since 1999.